The book


Once a year, the managers of public companies have to fling open the doors and let the owners in – whether they want to or not. 

A Weekend with Warren Buffett and Other Shareholder Meeting Adventures is a humorous, informative business-related travelogue that looks at how companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia treat their investors during the brief period when the welcome mat is out. It’s an Average Joe Investor’s search for shareholder democracy and an occasional free lunch.

Among the companies featured are Berkshire Hathaway, Citigroup, Dow Jones, Dupont, eBay, Gannett, Google, Hawaiian Electric, Hershey, MGM Grand, Microsoft, Otter Tail, Playboy, Starbucks, Tootsie Roll, Wal-Mart and Walt Disney.

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By the way, if you’d rather read the book in Mandarin, you can.  There are two versions, actually – one using simplified characters (published in mainland China) and the other using complex characters (published in Taiwan).  See my blog for more details.


All contents copyright 2008, Randy Cepuch